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Applicable to Mercedes Benz, Infiniti/A2740700501 A2740700401 66804/High pressure fuel pump/KSGYB-029

Suitable for Mercedes Benz C-Class/E-Class/GLK Class/SLK Class/, Infiniti Q50L


Product OE number:A2740700501   A2740700401   66804  0261520216   0261520236   0261520215


This product can be installed with a preview of the vehicle model:

for C180 1.6L 2013-2020
for C200 2.0L 2015-2018
for C250 2.0L 2015-2018
for C300 2.0L 2015-2019
for C350E 2.0L 2016-2018
for C400 3.0L 2015
for E200 2.0L 2015-2019
for E250 2.0L 2015-2019
for E300 2.0L 2016-2019
for E350E 2.0L 2016-2019
for GLC300 2.0L 2016-2019
for GLC350E 2.0L 2018-2019
for SLC200 2.0L 2017
for SLC300 2.0L 2018-2019
for SLK300 2.0L 2016-2017
for C43 AMG 3.0L 2015-2018
for C63 AMG 4.0L 2015-2017
for Metris 2.0L 2016

    Product details: Suitable for Mercedes Benz C-Class/E-Class/GLK Class/SLK Class/, Infiniti Q50L series 2.0T engines

    ——Factory direct delivery, replaceable to ensure suitability and ease of installation, 100% tested before shipment. Improve performance. Easy to install.

    ——Please use the year/brand/model dropdown menu to confirm compatibility before purchasing. Before purchasing, please ensure that our part number matches your existing part number.

    ——Attention: Please have professional staff perform the installation. Our company is not responsible for any product damage that occurs during the installation process. If there are quality issues with the product during operation, our company has the final right to explain and protect your relevant rights.




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